Landfill permit for 2018
The office of the commissioner of the revenue will no longer mail the permit.  You will need to stop by the office to pick up one at no charge.

Fairview Beach Apparel For Sale
Please see current inventory.

Old Fairview Beach Pictures
A collection of old pictures dating back to 1930 is now back on this website.  Please see the Gallery.

Status on Projects at Fairview Beach
Trailer Park

Coming soon
Preliminary Community Calendar for 2018
Mailing of FBRA Membership Application Forms for 2018.  Don’t want to wait?  Submit the 2018 Membership Application Form now.

Other topics
Need some work done, and want to hire someone on the beach?  Be sure to check the resident skills page.

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page at, maintained by Cindy Lawson.

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